Exceptional Prom Dresses

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Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?! In a Colette by Mon Cheri prom dress, let your personality shine in an exceptional prom dress that is almost as special as you are. Whether you're going for something girly and fun or something simple and chic, our thoughtful designs will capture your heart and have you saying “yes” to the prom dress! 

Exceptional Prom Dresses by Colette by Daphne

Live your wildest fashion dreams in a Colette by Daphne prom dress. On a night you’ll want to remember forever you need a dress that no one will forget! With dresses covered in sequins to gowns that look like you pulled them right out of a fairytale, these exceptional prom dresses will have you oohing and ahhing! 


What makes a prom dress “exceptional”?

What makes a prom dress exceptional is the same thing that makes you exceptional, there’s no one else just like you! With details and embellishments you can find anywhere else, this collection of unique prom dresses were thoughtfully designed for a girl just like you. Why settle for a prom dress that is just ordinary when you are extraordinary!  


How to style an exceptional prom dress?

The whole point of having an exceptional prom dress is to stand out with a look that is totally YOU! You can style your prom look in whatever makes you feel the most confident. Whether this means showing off your talents as a makeup artist or adding some bold heels to make your look pop, style your look however you want to! If you’re not one for accessories, then just let your dress do the talking!