Boho Prom Dresses

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 Easy-going, beachy vibes & indie banjo strumming + $7 herbal tea & $9 acai bowl = boho-chic. It's hard being born in the wrong generation, but boho prom dresses from Colette for Mon Cheri time-warp you back (psychedelic-free) for the bohemiam, hippie, van-life vibes you're craving for prom 2024. A corset bodice with 3D floral appliques, paired with a horsehair hem, sweep train and a flowy skirt capture the flower-child magic that lives in your organic, free-spirited soul. Natural waists and simple straps keep the woodstock ways alive in the boho prom dresses from Colette for Mon Cheri.

Are boho prom dresses still in style for prom?

Well, the bohemian style isn't a fad, or a trend - it's a lifestyle. For the easy-going, free-living, whimsical, chill out girl with the more relaxed, simple style. For prom, a glitter tulle a-line gown with a v-neck and sweep train embodies the hippie vibes of a girl born a few decades too late, and the waist with beaded detail and strappy lace up back is the perfect, final touch.


A boho prom dress for the spring 2024 season lets you rock a unique look that matches your flower-child magic and woodstock ways.


How to style a boho prom dress:

I'd say "less is more". It's a easy, relaxed kind of love and style for a boho prom dress this spring 2024 season. If you pick style #CL12014 from Colette for Mon Cheri, the beautiful yet simple details are in the dress, and you're able to rock an effortlessly stunning, natural look. Stray away from dark, dramatic make up settings - a light, pink lip and maybe some mascara should do the job. Or, go fresh faced! Your natural beauty will radiate. Accessorize with simple pieces - a delicate, gold bracelet, necklace, maybe an anklet or toe ring.


How can I stand out with such a natural look?

Confidence comes from within. Walk into a room, not thinking about what other people think of you or trying to catch any one person's attention. Own your look. Be yourself. Be kind, smile, give out good vibes, and I promise - you can be wearing style #CL12042 from Colette for Mon Cheri - a sleeveless tulle A-line gown, natural waist and flowy skirt, and your kindness, good energy and genuine joy will have you standing out as if you're wearing a head-to-toe, jewel and bead embroidered, catch-the-light-at-every-turn kind of evening gown.


Boho prom dresses from Colette for Mon Cheri. Let you love, and style, run free.