Yellow Prom Dresses by Colette by Daphne

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Hello sunshine! Just like the sun, the world should revolve around you. In yellow, these Colette by Daphne dresses are like capturing the golden hour in fabric form. Wear a strapless mermaid or go for a one-shoulder A-line and step into your own fashion sunlight. Shine so bright they’ll need sunglasses to see all your beauty. Shine like the star you are in yellow!

Yellow Prom Dresses by Colette by Daphne

From the sweet, sunny hue of a soft, light yellow pastel dress, to the bold, stark disposition of a deep mustard or marigold gown, yellow prom dresses aren't created for the girl that wants to sit and the back and go unnoticed. Yellow prom dresses by Colette by Daphne are built for girls to SHINE - and, shine bright like the sun. The strapless mermaid gown in style #CL5123, with a straight-across neckline, natural waist, and lace-up back takes a youthful, joyful twist. Our #blackheartsclub is full of unapologetic, fearless, boss babes and sometimes, the sunny approach of the yellow dress is the perfect balance for prom.


What colors go well and pair best with a yellow prom dress?

Tones and shades that pair best with a sophisticated yellow dress style are those that reduce the bright, bold tones magnified by the yellow hue. Nudes and tans are great for your shoes, clutch and make up, or the simple black or brown colors look nice, as well. Yellow is also a fun color to color block with. If you want to lean into this bright, cheerful disposition while wearing this yellow hue, choose one color to color block with and have fun with it. Deep purple pairing with a rich marigold dress creates a warm, appealing aesthetic and a blue or pink accessory with a light yellow dress keeps the vibe fun.


Why a yellow prom dress is the move for prom:

We're stepping into the sunny spotlight - no holding back, babe. Traditionally, yellow is not the classic look for a formalwear event, and that's the exact reason we think it's the move for you. Dare to be different. Step outside of the norm. That's what we do at Colette by Daphne - in the #blackheartsclub and #colettegirlgang - and we invite you, in all your uniqueness and power, to join the wave. Embrace a unique style in the yellow, glistening sequin fabric in style #CL5155 - the sleeveless dress with a mermaid silhouette, ostrich feather flair on the high slit, and gorgeous glittery texture has you shining like the sun.


Yellow prom dresses by Colette by Daphne. Just like the sun, everyone will be revolving around you at prom.