Strapless Prom Dresses

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Straps? Ya, no thanks. A strapless prom dress, eveningwear dress or cocktail dress from Colette by Daphne - you'll for sure rock your look. The strapless sweetheart neckline shows off your curves a little more, while the straight across strapless neckline gives a more seemless style. For a bold prom dress, grab a sparkly, sequined, glittery strapless dress, and for homecoming season, get that cute cocktail dress that shows off all the leg. #Rockthedress in a strapless dress from Colette by Daphne! 

Strapless Dresses from Colette by Daphne

Show off that neckline and make the boys and girls cry. A strapless dress is a go-to move for any event you're attending - prom season, homecoming season, gala season, holiday season. You can dress it up with a bright color, ball gown style and bold pair of earrings and show off your simple neckline - maybe add a fun, flirty jacket. Or, simplify the strapless dress look with a mermaid style gown, bracelet and an up-style hairdo. Feel bold and confident in a form-fitting, fit and flare, mermaid-style silhoutte with your strapless long dress, or go girl-next-store and find a fun and flirty, ball gown, satin style to complete your look. Either way you go, Colette by Daphne is the brand that'll guarantee you #rockthedress at your formalwear event.


How do I style a strapless dress?

Okay, is a strapless prom dress? Strapless cocktail dress? Are you going to a big, black-tie event? Or, a simple ceremony? It depends the strapless dress look and place you're going for. You can play it up in a sheath fabric, bold ball gown, bright color and a funky pair of earrings, or keep it fun and flirty with a cute, pastel lace cocktail dress and a high ponytail. Any formalwear event, a simple fit and flare style or a-line dress style is a safe move. For a less formal event, a cute, casual strapless cocktail dress is a solid way to go.


How does a strapless dress stay up?

You want to make sure you get the right size for your strapless dress. Strapless dresses are held up by the waist and hips - the fit should be snug in those areas. Good fitting and boning in the chest area is good to keep your strapless dress up, as well. And if it's a strapless prom dress, or strapless homecoming dres... you know you're going to be dancing all night in that thing. Make sure that baby fits right.


#rockthedress in a strapless dress from Colette by Daphne. Show off that neckline and make the boys and girls cry.