Simple Prom Dresses

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Because every once in a blue moon, we don't feel like being extra. Shocking, I know. Simple prom dresses from Colette by Daphne let your personality and natural glow shine in a dress that is only an accessory and accomplice to your natural, feminine, catch-me-if-you-can radiance. A gown can be simplified in many ways - stick with a single, bold color; approach the night with neutral tones; tackle the style with a simple, sleek sheath dress; or maybe just simplify with a sleeveless, strapless, sweetheart neckline. There's nothing dull about a simple prom dress from Colette by Daphne - if anything, you'll show 'em you don't need a fancy dress to steal the spotlight.

Simple Prom Dresses by Colette by Daphne

You don't need a fancy dress to steal the spotlight. Highlight your natural beauty with a simple prom dress by Colette by Daphne for prom. Accentuate your natural figure and organically stunning features by downsizing the flare in your prom dress and going big and bold with accessories, shoes and hair style. Or, keep it all around simple with make up that lightly illuminates your features, a subtly studded pair of sleeves on your prom gown a simple silhouette that flatters your figure.