Glamorous Prom Dresses

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Make the world your runway in your glamorous prom dress from Colette by Daphne. Whether you want a beaded, sequin, or sleek monochromatic look, you’ll be sure to stand out as the most chic in the room. Your dress will have everyone asking who made your prom dress, to which you can respond, “Colette by Daphne, of course.” 

Glamorous Prom Dresses from Colette

Turn heads at prom in a gorgeous, glamorous dress from Colette by Daphne. Looking like you walked straight off the red carpet, any of these cosmopolitan dresses will have everyone thinking you are a shining star, which you are!


Perks of wearing a glamorous prom dress from Colette: 

The whole school will be buzzing about how good you looked at prom in a glamorous dress by Colette by Daphne. Impress your crush or show off to your friends in a stunning gown made to shine!


How to style one of our glamorous prom dresses from Colette: 

You can use some bling to elevate your look with dazzling jewels. If you want to let the dress have the spotlight, just pair it with a couple of simple gold and silver accents. Add a pair of tall stiletto heels so you can strut your stuff, and you’re ready to dance the night away! 


Don’t be surprised if people ask for your autograph wearing a glamorous Colette prom dress, you just look that good!