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Your Checklist for the Perfect Homecoming Night

September 23, 2021

With school back in session, homecoming is just around the corner—and we know our Colette Girl Gang is already planning their perfect homecoming night. If you’re planning hoco, we’re giving you the ultimate checklist to ensure you leave the house with everything you need: 



For Your Purse





It’s always a good idea to bring your lipstick or lip gloss along in your purse. You’ll want it for quick touch-ups, especially if you’re grabbing dinner ahead of the dance! This way, you don’t have to worry about your makeup look messing up throughout the night. 





With the pandemic ongoing, you’ll definitely want to double check that your mask is in your purse! If you’ve got enough time before hoco, find a cute mask that matches your dress. Just because your school is requiring masks doesn’t mean you can’t look incredible!





You probably won’t need these, but you’ll be glad to have them if you do! Having a few on hand in case you need to touch up your makeup or lend to a friend with a cold is a good idea. 



For Your Look





While a small detail, having your nails painted immediately makes you look more polished. You can stick to something subdued, like a nude shade, or you can give your dress a fun pop of color with a bold manicure. 





At homecoming, since your dress is short, more people will see your shoes. This means you can find a really fun pair to make your look stand out! Look for a comfortable pair of heels (or sneakers—make the look your own!) so that you can dance the night away without giving yourself blisters. 





Along with shoes, your jewelry compliments your dress and takes it to the next level. It’s the perfect way to add some sparkle, and will make you glow all night. Whether you’re opting for a bold, statement earring or a subtle hoop, you’ll want jewelry for your look!





Of course, the most important part is your dress! Shop around for something fun and flirty that suits your unique personal style. Take a look at some of the trendy homecoming dresses from Colette, and dazzle at hoco this year!