Quiz: Which Prom Dress is For Me? Mobile Image

Quiz: Which Prom Dress is For Me?

August 11, 2021

A prom dress should match your personal style. If you’re not sure what you want to wear, take our quiz and see what dress you get matched with!

Which sounds like your ideal Friday night? 


A) Going out to see a movie with my friends, then ordering pizza and having a sleepover. 

B) I’m staying up all night with the latest book I’m hooked on!

C) A date at the art museum, then immediately FaceTiming my best friend to tell them all about it. 

D) Girls’ night! We’re watching one of our friends’ soccer games, then all heading to our favorite restaurant to hang out for a few hours. 

E) My friends and I are heading out for a trip we’ve planned for the weekend! I’m riding shotgun, so I get aux.

When it comes to glitter:


A) I love a little shine, but I prefer it to be subtle and classic. 

B) If I could leave a trail of glitter behind me like a fairy princess, I would.

C) I’m in love with vintage-inspired, 1920’s style sparkle. It’s so elegant and fun!

D) More is more. Nothing says “I’m here for a good time” quite like glitter!

E) It’s fine, but I typically don’t choose things covered in glitter for myself. 

Your favorite subject in school:


A) English

B) Drama

C) History

D) Science

E) Art

What part of prom are you most excited about?


A) I love an excuse to dress up—the halls of my high school aren’t exactly a fashion runway, so I can’t wait to finally feel like I’m at the Oscars. 

B) Are you kidding? The dress! Seriously, when else do I have an excuse to feel like a princess?

C) Honestly, the tradition of it! Prom’s the most iconic night of your time in high school, and I can’t wait to make some memories with my friends. 

D) I can never say no to a party, and prom’s going to be the biggest event all year!

E) Spending time with my friends before we all graduate. It’ll be a fun end to our final year all here in town together!

If you had a time machine, what decade would you visit first?


A) The 70’s. I’m going to a roller disco as soon as I can.

B) The 80’s! Everything about them sounds amazing. The music, the hair, the fashion—I wanna feel like I’m in an episode of Stranger Things (without the monsters, of course). 

C) The 90’s. I can’t turn down an opportunity to see Nirvana live. 

D) The early 00’s, for sure. Paris Hilton and I would be besties, she just doesn’t know it yet. 

E) The 60’s. I’m heading straight to Woodstock!

Your social media of choice:


A) Pinterest

B) Twitter

C) Instagram

D) TikTok

E) ...I actually deleted it all recently. 

Which artist would you want to hang out with most:


A) Ariana Grande

B) Lizzo

C) Lorde

D) Megan Thee Stallion

E) Kacey Musgraves

If you got mostly A’s:





For prom, you want something that’s simple and elegant, but still modern and fun. This gorgeous metallic mermaid style has everything: the slightly reflective fabric will have you glowing all night, and the low back adds a fun, sultry touch to the look to make you stand out perfectly. This is a dress you’ll wear again and again, long after prom night—but you’ll always think of prom when you pull it out. 

If you got mostly B’s:





You’re always off in your own world, and you’re never afraid to make a statement, which is exactly why this sparkling lilac ball gown is perfect for you: you’ll show up to prom feeling like you popped right out of your favorite fantasy novel, and this gorgeous, shimmering, layered purple will ensure no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. This gown is confident, unique, and fun, just like you!

If you got mostly C’s:





This gorgeous dress is perfect for a girl who wants something with a slight vintage vibe. The gold roses shimmer with each movement, catching the light perfectly and giving the dress a magical glow. The classic silhouette adds to the vintage look, while the low back gives it just enough drama to pull it into the 21st century. Romantic, chic, and utterly breathtaking, you’ll get compliments on this dress all night. 

If you got mostly D’s:





You’re outgoing and love to have fun, so it’s only fitting that you show up to prom in a stunning, all-over sequin dress. This holographic style shifts colors every time you move, creating a cosmic rainbow that will turn heads all night. The plunging neckline and slit give the dress a flirty tone, making it perfect for the girl who can’t wait to dance the night away with her friends. 

If you got mostly E’s:





You want something understated yet beautiful, and without a ton of glitter. This pale blue A-line with delicate floral embroidery is perfect. Ethereal and boho, this gorgeous gown brings all the elegance without being too flashy. Perfect for the down to earth girl who wants to wear something sweet and unforgettable, this prom dress will fit your style beautifully.