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How to Turn Your Prom Dress into Your Halloween Costume

October 06, 2021

With October here, we’re sure you’re starting to think about your Halloween costume (we definitely are!). If you’ve been searching for a good reason to wear your prom dress again, why not use it as a Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas for ways to turn your prom dress into a halloween costume: 





An easy choice when wearing a gorgeous dress, simply add a crown and you’re a princess! Depending on your dress, you could opt to be a specific princess—for example, this green dress is giving us total Princess and the Frog vibes, so with a crown and stuffed frog, you could be Tiana! Different dresses could be different princesses, and a simple accessory could emphasize that (think: sword for Mulan, a mouse for Cinderella, a rose or a book for Belle, the possibilities are endless). 

Greek Goddess




If your dress is flowing with plenty of romantic, gold details, a Greek goddess is the perfect costume. With glowing, gold makeup and a flower crown or laurel, you’ll look completely ethereal. As with the princess costume, you can get creative with your accessories! Fun gold jewelry, or perhaps creative makeup or even a fake weapon (Artemis is known for archery!) can take this costume to the next level. 





There’s no shortage of costumes you can accomplish with a black dress (for a few other ideas: Catwoman, a bat, Mr. & Mrs. Smith; the list goes on), but our favorite is just a classic witch. While witches are usually thought of as green and creepy, they don’t have to be! You can still look beautiful and spooky by simply adding a witch’s hat to your classic black dress, and you’ll definitely be the most chic witch at the party. 

Miss America




No matter what your prom dress looks like, you can pull off Miss America. A sash and a crown will immediately make everyone know exactly who you are! Plus, a great thing about this costume? You and your friends can get together and make it a group: everyone picks a different state, and you’ve got a whole group of Miss America contestants!





Grab a pair of wings online, and your shimmering prom dress can quickly be turned into an adorable fairy costume. With shimmering makeup to match, you’ll be completely magical this Halloween! And like Miss America, you can grab an entire group of friends for this costume and become a rainbow of gorgeous fairies for Halloween!