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How to Pick a Prom Dress for Your Personality

August 26, 2021

Finding the perfect prom dress to stand out at prom is tough—you want something unique that’ll show off your personality and style while standing out from the crowd. It’s a tough thing to find, but here at Colette by Daphne, we’re sharing all our best shopping tips so that you find something that you really love. 



First things first: consider color! If you have a signature color or one you know you look good in, try filtering your search by color to narrow it down to something you know you’ll like and look good in. If you’re a girl who prefers wearing black and neturals, a hot pink dress might not be the choice for you. On the other hand, if you only ever wear color, why would you opt for something dark!



Once you’ve narrowed your search down to colors you like, which can be one or many, you’ll want to think about your silhouette choice. The silhouette gives the dress structure: are you looking for a classic A-line? A sultry mermaid? A simple sheath? The answer varies based on your personal style and the vibe you’re looking for. A mermaid silhouette will give you a more sophisticated look, while an A-line gives you the classic princess-like look. 



The next most important thing after silhouette is the level of embellishment you may want. Dresses can be covered in glitter, or have almost no embellishment at all. The elaborate style of your dress should reflect you: are you a girly-girl who wants all-over sequins, or would you prefer something timeless and classic? 



Our next tip is to take a few notes from celebrity red carpets. If you love Zendaya’s style, take a few cues from the silhouettes she typically wears. Or maybe you find you love Taylor Swift’s use of color, or BeyoncÄ—’s love of glitter. Find inspiration from icons, and take it into account when looking at prom dresses—after all, it’s the only high school event you’ll get to feel like you’re walking the red carpet at!


Above all, remember to keep an open mind. While you might have something in mind, you could surprise yourself when you try on something out of your comfort zone and fall in love with your perfect prom dress!