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Hair Inspo to Perfectly Fit Your Prom Aesthetic

July 29, 2021

Finding your look for prom is a process. It takes time to find a dress that fits your personal style and will make you stand out all night, and after you’ve found the perfect prom dress, you still need to style it! You’ve got to find shoes, earrings, choose your makeup, manicure—not to mention your hair! Finding the right hairstyle for prom can completely change your look. Your hair frames your face and highlights certain design elements of your dress, like the neckline, so it’s important you find something to suit your style. No worries—we’re sharing some of our favorite prom hair inspo on the blog to help get you started on finding the perfect look. 

For Boho Styles



If you’d define your personal style as laid-back, nature-inspired, and fun, it’s likely you’ve chosen a chic boho style for prom. For boho girls, we love something as effortlessly elegant as you are, which is why we love this big, loose braid. Simple, chic, and detailed enough to match your dress, this go-with-the-flow style is perfect for you. 

For Red-Carpet-Ready Looks



Want to arrive at prom like you’re at the Oscars? Your high school may not quite be the red carpet venue you’re dreaming of, but you can certainly make it feel like one by going with a chic, celebrity-like loose updo fit for award season. A few loose, face framing pieces will give you that perfect, put-together-but-not-too-much look the stars always seem to accomplish. 

For Edgy Girls



If you’re a bold, fashion forward girl who’s chosen a daring prom dress, why not opt for an equally high fashion statement with your hair? We love the chic, slicked back look of this style—you get all the glamour of waves, but with the intense, added drama of a sleek part and perfectly placed hair. 

For Your Cinderella Moment



Looking to have the princess-like night of your dreams? For girls who opted for a magical, princess-esque prom dress, we think you should commit to that magic with your hair, too! A simple, classic updo (hello, Cinderella!) with a well-placed, elegant hair accessory will have you feeling like the Disney princess you’ve always wanted to be. 

For Classic Glamour



Sometimes there’s just nothing like classic, old Hollywood glamour. If you chose something that made you think, Audrey Hepburn would wear this to prom if she went, then opt for that same look with your hair by keeping it classic with vintage, voluminous waves. It’s the perfect combination of modern and vintage, just like you!

For Y2K-Inspired Drama



Love that turn-of-the-century, bold, fun aesthetic? We totally get it—it’s tough not to love! To match the fun energy of your prom dress, why not go with a half-up, half-down party pony with a perfectly placed side swoop for that unique early-00s feel. You’ll look like you just stepped off the set of 13 Going On 30 with this fun, chic look, setting the tone for a great time at prom. 

For Something Completely Unique



Love standing out? Used to be the trend-setter in your friend group? This gorgeous, pearl-studded updo is right up your alley. No one else at prom will have something this unique, and it’ll add a fun detail to complement your dress. This style is at once fun, one-of-a-kind, and pulls a bit of a whimsical, vintage-inspired vibe into your prom look—perfect for the trendiest girl at school.