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14 Fun Ways to Ask Your Date to Prom

July 15, 2021

Before you can start planning your look for prom, you've got to secure a date! Over the past few years, asking someone to prom has evolved from a simple question into an entire event: the promposal. At Colette by Daphne, we love seeing the different promposals each year (and we really love when we see girls get bold and ask their dates first!). With students getting more and more creative each year to ask one another prom, thinking of a unique and fun way to ask your date can be tough. If you're planning to ask your date first, here are a few different fun and easy ways to do it that are sure to get a "yes!"



Add A Gift



Who doesn't love a good pun—especially when it comes with a little gift? Find a way to incorporate some of their favorite things (think: snacks, clothing, etc.) into your ask and make a sign out of it!


Bring Their Favorite Dessert



This Dunkin' Donuts promposal is perfect! You get a prom date and you can share a delicious treat while doing it. Not to mention, if you're not the best at crafts, writing "prom?" in the box is fairly straightforward, no markers or glitter needed. 



Make It Sporty



Asking an athlete? Why not ask after a game! We love this tournament sign—you could easily adapt this for other sports (hello, March Madness!) to be personalized to your date's interests. 



Movie Night



Why not double up on date night and a promposal? If your date's got a favorite film, plan a cute movie night and ask them with a movie-themed sign! Bring some popcorn or their favorite theater candy, and you've got a prom date. 



Park Date



Not feeling like coming up with a unique pun, but still want something fun and romantic? Spelling "prom?" with flower petals is easy and your date will still love it. This can be done with almost anything—sticky notes as a surprise in class, tennis balls as a surprise at a match, cookies as a surprise during lunch—the possibilities are endless!



Make it A Game



We love this interactive promposal! Setting up something as simple as a few candles, or, if you're really ambitious, making a scavenger hunt, takes your promposal from a simple ask to a full event.






Another easy, fun way to ask (and one they'll love to post on Instagram), a simple trip to Party City will get you everything you need for this. Have a few friends hold up balloons spelling prom as a surprise somewhere! You could have friends waiting at dinner, in class, in the parking lot...the choice is up to you!



All I Need is "u"



Take the "u" out of a word—how cute is nuggets?—and ask your date using this fun question! While chicken nuggets are definitely a crowd pleaser, there's plenty of options if your date prefers someting else (burgers, cupcakes, peanut butter...anything with a "u" works!). 



Prompose with a Meme



Asking your funniest friend? Add a twist to their favorite meme for your prom ask! 



Make Your Promposal Shine



This one is not only easy, but immediately sets a romantic tone for the night with it's glow. Perfect for the end of your date night, just set up a few lights somewhere as a surprise!



For Your Lab Partner



Finally asking out the lab partner you've had a crush on all year? Why not ask in class! Making a pun out of what you've been doing all year will be a funny and cute way to ask them. 



Surprise Them At Work



Work sucks...why not brighten their day by showing up to ask them to prom? It'll definitely make their shift a lot easier, and it's an easy way to ask outside of school without needing to plan a way to hang out after class. 



For the SuperFan



While it won't be quite as exciting as Olivia Rodrigo herself asking her fans to prom, making a sign with the lyrics from a favorite song or artist is a great way to ask your date...especially if they're a big fan of a specific artist!



For Your Girl Gang



We saved our favorite for last—why not just bring your girls? If you're not sure who to bring, show up with the people you know you'll have a great time with! Just because you're choosing to go in a group doesn't mean you can't still have a promposal.